Coron, Palawan, up to this date, is the best island-hopping experience I’ve ever had. Of all the beaches and islands in the Philippines I’ve explored, I could say Coron is second to none. Let me call it an ultimate island-hopping destination in the Philippines. The cluster of islands of Coron took it all. It was a surreal experience. The striking rock formation on every island we explored was breathtaking.  Truly, nothing beats nature’s wonder.

When I explored Coron, I joined a group of travelers as a solo traveler.  I highly recommended that you join an organized tour as most of the activities are island-hopping. One of the pioneers in organizing Coron Tour is DIY CORON. WE were actually the first ones who explored Coron back in 2008 who was organized by the founder of DIY Coron Philippines. You can visit the website at DIY CORON Philippines.

How to get there:

  • You can travel by air or by ship,- I did a ship travel back in 2008

  1. Travelling by air, you can book an airline ticket bound to Busuanga Airport
  2. Traveling by ship,  you can book a ticket via shipping lines bound to Coron Pier- if you have time and have not experienced traveling by ship, it is a must-try, it is cheaper than air travel.

What to expect in Coron

  • Most of activities in Coron are island-hopping, you can also avail of diving.  Diving shops are available in Coron

Cost of Traveling in Coron

  • Boat Rentals and Islands entrance fees can be very pricy nowadays, you may scout travel agencies and tour organizers and make comparison. Joining a group tour is always budget-friendly. I only spent like P1800 for a 3-Day, 2 Nights DIY to Coron back in 2008
Popular Spots in Coron

Kanyangan Lake
Twin Lagoon
Macapuya Island
Mt. Tapyas
Barracuda Lake
Maquinit Hot Springs
Coron Bay
Seite Pecados
Banana Island
Black Island
CYC Island
Sunken Japanese Wrecks

If you are not yet convinced to explore Coron, let me share some photos of impressively beautiful Coron


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