“Just Go If You Feel Like Going”

Hard To fill “About” Page

“About” is the hardest page to fill. All I recalled was I registered this blog with wordpress as Banahawtribe back in 2009. I changed it to Yapak Pinoy few years later, no real identity at all.

I registered with wordpress to document my travels. I may be bored those years, so I tried to find ways to do something that I could be busy of, let us call it a diversion.

Probably, I was also aspiring to nurture my creative writing skills.  I was not really into traveling. I was into drinking alcohol with friends; partying and bar-hopping. I just woke up one day, I wanted to blog. I must be very bored 10 years ago. 😊

Who would not be bored when you were living all alone in a village somewhere in Quezon City as a caretaker? Travel interest and travel blogging have become my therapy to boredom and being alone.  Let me clarify, alone but not lonely.  

I may have been to several travel destinations prior to the birth of Banahawtribe’s blog in 2008 but I had no intention of blogging. My blogging started when I joined a group of travelers, I joined them as a solo traveler in Coron, Palawan in 2008.

It all started by sending email to a blogger who was organizing a trip to Coron, Palawan. I asked him if I could join the trip as a solo traveler. He welcomed me to join and the rest was history. Since then, I always joined their travels. 

During our trip to Coron, I’ve met some newbie bloggers, we had fun in the course of our trip. We had been exchanging ideas about blogging our amazing trip. I decided then to register a travel blog with wordpress. Today, some of them are known and popular multi-awarded bloggers. 

Traveling became a passion, Blogging became a hobby

From then on, my local travels had been intensified, I was on fire! I became so passionate about travel; to explore different places and cultures as well as to discover my own country. It came to a point that I aspired to explore the entire Philippines-all provinces and all its beautiful islands. I did everything even if it would cost me to find and to switch new jobs from time to time. For every new company I worked for, I made sure I could  go travel with my colleagues and friends outside mainland Luzon. I had been so easy to get those days, I was always on the go! 

With my burning desire to fulfill my Travel Goals, I luckily made it to explore Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. I am very grateful to have had good friends from Visayas and Mindanao regions who I have been travelling with until now.  I was born and raised in Southern Tagalog Region of Luzon, thus my movement has been limited to Metro Manila and Southern Luzon.

Banahawtribe to Yapak Pinoy

As its root word Banahaw implies, it pertains to Mt. Banahaw. It is because  I was born literealy at the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Quezon Province where I had my Elementary and High School education in the thriving municipality of Tayabas, now City of Tayabas. The former cabecera or the former capital of Quezon Province during the Spanish time, also known as “La Muy Noble De Tayabas”. The word tribe from its obvious definition as human social group, I came up with Banahawtribe

In 2011, I switched the name of  my blog from Banahawtribe to Yapak Pinoy. While I was active blogging, I was also very active on Facebook posting my travel memories. A friend from US suggested  to change my FB name to Yapak Pinoy. I did apply the same name to my wordpress blog. 🙂

Yapak PInoy levels up to International Travels

It is on the natural prompting of man that if we are doing something that we are passionate about, we thirst for more, we want to achieve something higher, to get to the next level. I decided then to level up on my travel goals. Though I already had my very 1st travel abroad in Bangkok, Thailand back in 2007, I wanted to level up, to explore more countries as many as I possibly could.

Leveling up to international travels; those dreams and aspirations however were easier said than done. We could always cheer all we can, Go Go International, You deserve it!

Travelling abroad is always associated with budget (money). I am not a believer of one day millionaire! I could not spend all my hard-earned money for the sake of travels. Travel for me is something I allot some budget for. 

Gratefully, I have childhood friends, family friends, High School classmates, and Former colleagues who opened their arms to accommodate me on my International Travels, their generosity and hospitality were second to none! My travel expenses abroad were cut by almost 50%.

If I was a member of privilege few to begin with, I could have traveled the world in a very short period of 1 year. I happened to be not, I work hard to earn for a living! Generally, most of my international travels are DIY – Do-It-Yourself. We normally booked our international flight as early as 1 year in advance to get a low airfare for as low as Php 1000 for one way and around Php 2500 for round trip. 🙂

Today, I am still in pursuit of exploring more countries; My bucket lists are still filled with dream destinations. I am in no rush, I just believe,dream, and survive! There is always time for everything! “If I am dreaming, keep me sleeping” – Yapak PInoy

As of 2019, Below are the International Countries that I have traveled to:


Hong Kong SAR
Macau SAR


Yapak Pinoy’s Professional Life

Honesly, I do not know exactly if my professional life has relevance to “About” page. I have been working for 26 years now since my college years. I’ve worked for various industries of different capacities and positions. 

For decades, my career life was an interesting journey like my travels. Presently, I am working for IT Software Development company for almost 7 years now.

Monetizing the blogging hobby

I had to shut down this blog for two years for other blogging/writing  platform where I could monetize my blog. In other words, I transferred all my blog contents from Yapak Pinoy to other income generating platform.  😊 For a short period two years, I was able to fund my other travels by blogging on the other site.

This year of 2019, I restored Yapak PInoy back online so I can keep track of all my travels. 😊 As the saying goes, “once a blogger will always be a blogger”. No way I can monetize this website as there are already millions and millions of bloggers nowadays.

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