KTM Long Distance Train Malaysia-Singapore 2010

Rewind to Year 2010, If there was one of the most excited train travelers in the world, it was me! It was my very first time to travel long distance by train, something I’d never ever experienced yet in my home country, the Philippines.

I was crazily talking to myself on the day when my High School classmate sent us to KL Central Station ready for our long distance train travel from Malaysia to Singapore. Our kind and generous HS classmate who invited and welcomed us to stay in her relaxing and spacious condo in Kuala Kumpur. It was all about fun and adventures! High School classmate who we only met again after 18 long years! 

Surprisingly, she was academically outstanding in our memorable High Schools years. She chose to be  a Singer as her career in Malaysia, and  is now based in Thailand. I think I should visit her again, this time in Thailand! 🙂

At times, we have to go somewhere to experience spectacle!

If you are considering traveling by train from Malaysia to Singapore or vice versa. You can get a KTM ticket at KL Central Station or you can book online at https://www.ktmb.com.my/.  Be prepared for a 7-hour trip from Malaysia to Singapore.

How was the overall experience?

  • It was my first time to travel long distance by Train abroad, the overall experience was great. 1st time is always the great time! 🙂
  • If my estimation was correct, its speed was 140 kmh.
  • The shakiness/turbulence of Train was tolerable, I was able to sleep at sleeper cabin

How much was the train fare?

P742 – one way from Malaysia to Singapore  (converted to Philippine Peso) X2 for Round Trip

Was it safe to travel by train?

The train system of Malaysia appeared to be safe by International Standards

Was it hassle-free crossing the boarder of Singapore? 

  • It was, we just presented our passports. The immigration officers basically asked of our intention of crossing the border, we just replied that we were visiting a friend in Singapore.
  • One of our friends was interrogated by immigration but was allowed to enter to SG after few interviews  by immigration at the enclosed immigration office. 🙂
  • Also, as soon as you step on the land of SG, the price would change dramatically. Significant Price Difference 🙂

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