The Philippine National Railway’s Commuter Train that travels from Tutuban to Alabang is a must-try for ALL TOURISTS. You simply have not visited the Philippines if you did not try to ride the PNR Train this 2019. 🙂

If you want to experience the true-to-life daily commute of the ordinary Filipinos, then PNR Train is of the best commuting experience you can have in visiting our country.  The bumpy and shaky feel as you traverse the metropolitan from North to South is the selling point of this train ride experience. You do not have to go to theme park for a roller coaster and pay a hefty price. For only P15, train experience of a lifetime is waiting for you.

If I am going to sugarcoat of what you can expect, then I must be fooling myself to blog about the train experience. This is not a sarcasm. Filipinos, in general,  are friendly and so no matter how jam-packed the train is, there are abundance of smiling faces all over. 🙂 It is always “More Fun in the Philippines”! Nevertheless, we cannot underestimate its historical significance because Philippines was once the leading country in Southeast Asia that had the most advanced train network in the early 1900.

So take a ride now as it might change in the coming years. PNR administration has already ordered brand new Trains from Indonesia and is expected to be delivered in the Philippines by 2020. The PNR as we know today might completely change in the years to come. 🙂

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