Caramoan Islands, a popular location of the reality show Survivor, are geographically situated in the the far eastern end of Camarines Sur in Bicol region.  It is known for its beaches, striking limestone cliffs and caves of Caramoan National Park. Island-hopping runs from Gota Beach to islands like tiny Lahos, where the beach, between two rock clusters that disappears during high tide.

When we decided to explore Caramoan, we tried to travel by train. It was when the legendary PNR (Bicol Express) Long Distance Train was still operational back in 2012.  Basically, we traveled to Caramoan by train from Makati then we traveled back to Makati by Airplane. Thank you very much for the PISO fare of the yesteryears when a budget-friendly travel adventures were still economically friendly.  Nowadays, travelling by bus from Manila to Naga seems to be the cheapest.


January 27,

6:30 PM Departure: Pasay Road Train Station to Naga Central Station

January 28, 

5:30 AM Arrival to Naga Central Train Station
5:35 AM Jeep to Naga Central Bus Station
6:35 AM Naga Central Bust Station to Sabang Pier 
7:35 AM Boat Ride from Sabang Pier to GUIJALO PIER 
CARAMOAN (2 hrs.) 

Boat Trip Schedule: 7AM, 9AM, 11AM and 2PM 
10:00 AM GUIJALO PIER to Central Town of Caramoan
10:15 AM Lunch Lutong Bahay – Central Town Caramoan
10:30 AM Central Town to La Playa 
10:45 AM Check-in to La Playa P1200/Night
1:00 PM Caramoan Island Hopping P1200/boat 

January 29,

8:00 AM La Playa to Caramoan Town Center
9:00 AM Guijalo Pier to Sabang Pier
11:00 AM Sabang Pier to Naga City
11:AM Check-in at CBD Hotel Naga City
2:30 PM Naga City to CWC

January 30, 10:45 AM Naga Airport (Flight 5J – 522)
11:40 AM NAIA Terminal 3

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