Puerto Galera is known for its beaches and dive sites like White beach and Sabang beach respectively. However, Puerto Galera is not all about beaches and diving sites but the frenzied noise of the night life. The selling point of Puerto Galera is to enjoy the beach by day and partying at night. Puerto Galera is definitely a night life haven by the beach for the hippies and the yuppies from all colors, foreigners and locals alike. If you are bold enough and not after to serenity and tranquility on the beach or you just want to experience Puerto Galera escapades, this place is for you! No one would want to miss their younger years not exploring what Puerto Galera has become known for anyways!

Is Puerto Galera a family-oriented beach destination in the Philippines?

NO, I had never ever experienced visiting Puerto Galera with family. It is your call to bring your family but I will not. I visited the place 4 times in 2004, 2011, 2013, and 2015 – I did not remember I’ve set foot to PG with my family.  🙂

Is the accommodation in Puerto Galera expensive?

  • NO, during off-peak season and on weekdays
  • YES, during summer season long weekend vacation, the price of accommodation is sky-rocketing high and the place is incredibly crowded

Should I book online for my accommodation?

  • We had tried booking online once, it is cheaper booking in advance. 

How to get there:

Commuting by Bus

  • Go to Jac Liner/Jam Liner/DLTB Bus Station either Araneta Center in Cubao or LRT Buendia in Pasay
  • Take a bus ride to Batangas City Pier – signboard must be Batangas City Pier, Bus Fare – P197 (Pasay Terminal), P207 (Cubao Terminal)
  • At Batangas Port, buy ferry ticket to White Beach or Sabang, Ferry Fare is P300 as of 2019, you will also be charged of environmental fee and Terminal Fee, P50 and P20 respectively

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