St Peter’s Ruin, Macau 2014

Why visit Macau among the East Asian Countries?

If you want to experience the true feel of East meets West, then visit Macau. This country/state is part of China however the ambiance is like in Europe except that its citizens are Chinese Macau.

Macau is one of my favorites among East Asian countries, I love the weather, it is lovable during February. Since Macau is a small country/state, It is a walkable city, 

Macau is dubbed as the Las Vegas of Asia or the gambling capital of Asia, so Casinos are everywhere! The casinos are the attractions itself. The favorite hang out of the wealthiest Asians who enjoy throwing away money! They should give me some! 🙂

I am not into Casino gambling anyway, I just enjoyed strolling around at Senado Square, it is the popular spot in Macau where most of the European architectures are abound. Casino-hopping though must be part of your itinerary, you can get your stomach full eating some freebies (Cup Cakes, Milk, Mineral Water) inside the casino. 😊 You can also roam around the entire Macau for FREE by utilizing Casino’s shuttle services, you can travel as far as the border of mainland China. 😊

We’ve spent like 3 days in Macau and this was the place we’ve always missed in East Asia. It may also because when we traveled to Macau, we stayed with our friend’s apartment, so we had an opportunity to feel the realities of life in Macau. Let us also say that the “colonial mentality” inculcated to me by the Spaniards was telling me that one day I could visit Europe. 🙂


Taking advantage of Casino’s shuttle service is for free, but make sure you know where it is heading or you may end to the border of Mainland China. You cannot cross the border though as it requires VISA to enter China.  Macau is technically part of China but it has border. 🙂 Macau is a SAR (Special Administration Region) state of China. It is like a country but at the same time a state. The political system of China is complicated. Do not be surprised, West Philippine Sea is now part of China. 


If you visit Macau, you would surely come across Filipinos, many of them works in Casino. Nothing new though, Filipinos are everywhere around the globe. 


Macau does not have Metro Rail but it has efficient Bus Transportation System

Taxi is also available like in any other city 


Macau is famous for its Egg Tart and Portuguese Seafood Rice


Senado Square, Ruin’s of St. Paul, Macau Tower,, Guia Fortress, and a bunch of Grandeur Casinos 


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