Japanese | Tonkutsu Ramen

tonkutsu rame

ORI Japanese House: Ground Floor Circuit Makati

I could not imagine myself that I do enjoy eating Japanese Ramen now. My 1st taste of Ramen was in 2015, I never liked it, I felt like I wanted to vomit. 🙂  It was because I was not into seaweed and miso. I am in deep trouble with culinary, call it ignorance, I am one. I even have selective tastes on Filipino Foods. There are only 3 dishes in my mind that I can eat over and over again; “Sinigang na Baboy“, Ginisang Monggo“, ” and, Ginataang Langka“.  If not for my friends who enjoy eating various cuisines who are very persistent and supportive in pushing me to explore Japanese cuisines, I will miss half of my life. 🙂 Truly, nothing is permanent in this world, it indeed applies to discriminating tastes as well. 🙂

The one I tried from ORI Japanese House was Tonkutsu Ramen, its soup is broth based, its soup tasted like Filipino Sopas minus the seaweed. I enjoy eating “sopas”. It considerably tasted good but something that I will not try again for P375.00 🙂 I even asked the opinion of a friend for validation, the feedback was the same. 

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