The day without Facebook

In the advent of internet when most of socialization was  face to face with our warm bodies; the days when we had to communicate and interact with our families and friends miles and miles away by post, telegram, and telephone, the days when life seemed to be very slow but calmer.

With the amazing introduction of Facebook decades ago, it is now popularly known as the No. 1 social media platform, everything has been very fast, communicating to anyone in this world is like the speed of light. Facebook is astonishing and impressive! Isn’t it? Name it, it has it! It has become a platform full of magic!

The magical world of Facebook however has reached to an extent that it consumed me. Yes, it consumed my free time, to a point that it has been part of me big time. It was great at the beginning; I’ve got to find my long-lost friends and relatives, most of all Facebook gave me an unlimited cloud storage of my memories, particularly my travel memories.

Facebook – to hold my neck and occupy my precious time every single day is something that I’ve come to realize to be unproductive. It has gone beyond communicating and interacting, but to an addictive point, the worst scenario was it reached the point when I could no longer live without browsing FB day and night. I just woke up one Sunday that I had to put a halt on it; it has to stop! I deactivated it!

As of this writing, I am now on my 4th day without Facebook. I feel more freedom and consequently more productive. I no longer look for FB app on my mobile phone, I deliberately uninstalled it.  I need to train myself without FB for 3 months. I should get used to live without Facebook, I love the day without Facebook!

I have nothing against Facebook and all other social media platforms, they are all part of our digital world. It is just my personal take, it is only ourselves who can identify which is which is to prioritize in our lives; the things which we believe are more important and of significance.