Aim High and Sweat?

We have been taught to aim high and reach for the stars. We always hear this saying as we grow. It is because we all want to succeed in life. The definition of success may be subjective as it goes along with transcendence.

It is also very true that if we aim high and if we eventually fall, we fall somewhere at the higher level not on the ground level. Aiming high in our career, whatever we choose to be, is always associated with monetary returns. No one would ever sweat in the corporate ladder without financial benefit in mind unless we choose to be in social work and public service where ideally we serve others not asking for any financial returns.

We basically sweat to achieve something or reach our goals. The goals that we ourselves define. I would like to share Robert Kayosaki’s short motivational clip – If you ever say I can’t afford it. He said,“the reason God created nice things is for us to use our brains and figure out how to get it”. He wants Ferrari and he will figure it out how to get it. He chose Ferrari over Toyota. He happened to fall in love with US brand Ferrari. 🙂

Achieving our goals require us to sweat; a good career, long lasting relationships, and personal passions in life. The pursuit in achieving our goals takes hard work and knowledge. Some popular books however also teach us that it is not about what we know but who we know.

The undeniable truth is not everyone can be a corporate warrior. There are number of factors and considerations in stepping up to corporate ladder and I am not going to enumerate those one by one. Our world evolves on various energies that affect how we see things around us. We cannot confine ourselves on a limited definition of Aiming High!

Aiming High along with its associated description is an overused phrase. There is a rocket ship launching pad, we just have to find its location. It is a location where the rockets can reach the moon. 🙂 Have you ever dreamt of walking in the moon?