10 YEARS | Countdown to Early Retirement: 48 months?

As the saying goes, “We do not live just to pay bills“, thus we have to prepare for our Early Retirement so we can get out from the cycle of paycheck to paycheck. It does not make sense in today’s world. We all live to pay bills, it is how civilized world is designed for. Even during the Middle Ages when world currencies were not yet introduced in the world, there was already the so called “barter system”. Barter System is an old method of exchange, people exchanged services and goods for other services and goods in return. Today, we give our service and we get our salary in return to pay for our needs and wants, the BILLS.

When planning for an Early Retirement, there is always a million dollar question, how early is early for us to retire? The Retirement Age in the Philippines is 60 years old. This is also the required age for us to be eligible to claim our old-age pension from our Social Security System. Therefore, earlier than 60 years old can be considered as an Early Retirement.

I have my own personal definition of Early Retirement. For me, it is a 10-year goal of employment. It is staying with your current employment for a maximum of 10 years only, if and only if the circumstances permit. It is also my time frame to manage my income/finances within a 10-Year period. This span of time is enough to determine if I will still need to work for the rest of my existence.

DEFINITELY, I will continue to work, for as long as I breath, however my employment to a single company or corporation will be terminated as soon as I reach 10 years. It is not that I do not like my job, it is always my personal goal when it comes to employment. In other words, I will retire early and take advantage of the Gratuity or Early Retirement benefit if there is one. The amount may not be big enough but an opportunity for me to do other things. It is a 10-Year service! It is an obvious indication of tremendous loyalty! We all deserve to explore and experience other things in life.

I have worked for several companies of various capacities and industries already, and if I were to count, I’ve been to more than 10 companies to date. Interestingly, I had achieved my 1st decade of stint from a Technology giant company where I retired early when I reached my 11th year. After my retirement, I ventured to a business however felt that I still wanted to be part of corporate world. I am back to corporate world and I am now on my 6th year, aspiring to reach my 10th year. 

It is always good to have a plan and essentially become your goals. The goal is just our guide, like a map to our intended destination. As I always say, “I can only speak for today, not for tomorrow”. If I can speak for tomorrow, there is no point to look forward to my Countdown to Early Retirement: 50 months.