How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application?

Being a Filipino citizen and a Philippine Passport holder, it is always associated to a certain restrictions before we can enter the borders of 1st world. WE are always required to acquire a VISA from the embassy of the country where we intend to visit. One of the most common requirements before they grant us a VISA is “Proof of Funds Sufficiency” in the duration of our stay in the country we dream to visit.


Topping the list of requirements  to prove Proof of Funds are Bank Certificate, ITR 2316 – Income Tax Return, and Certificate of Employment. Stock Certificate does not show much on the list of requirements but it is  equally as good  as supporting document . It is a paper asset as well and a strong evidence of “ROOTEDNESS”. It is like you are telling to the embassy that you have investments in your home country and no way for you to overstay but to return back to your country of origin, your beloved country. 🙂

Having stated the importance of Stock Certificate,  Let us find out the easy steps How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application:

  • Login to your COL Account and click on Forms Tab and download the form [Certification Request (Certification request for Visa & other purposes] as shown below:
  • Fill out the form as shown below. 
  • Scan the completed Form and email the completed form to . The email information is shown below, go to Service Inquiry Tab for easy access.
  • Please also see the sample email below

  • Once the completed application form has successfully been emailed to Wait for 2 to 3 Business days to receive your Stock Certificate. This will be sent via your email. Please see the sample Stock Certificate Below: