UKOKKEI – Basement, Magamall B Manadaluyong City, Metro Manila

I can’t imagine myself that I do enjoy eating Japanese Ramen now. My 1st taste of Ramen was in 2015, I never liked it, I felt like I wanted to vomit. It was because I was not into seaweed and miso. The prevalent taste of seaweed and miso were just making me sick! I told to myself never I would try it again!

I am in deep trouble with culinary, call it ignorance, I am one. I even have selective tastes on Filipino Foods. There are only 3 dishes I have my mind that I can eat over and over again; “Sinigang na Baboy“, Ginisang Monggo“, ” and, Ginataang Langka“. If not for my friends who enjoy eating various cuisines who are very persistent and supportive in pushing me to explore Japanese cuisines, I will miss half of my life. Truly, nothing is permanent in this world. Indeed. it applies to discriminating tastes as well.

According to history, Japanese Ramen originated in China. It just made its way to Japan in 1859. Beginning in the 1980s, ramen became a Japanese cultural icon and was studied around the world from many perspectives.

Japan ever increasing influence in the Philippines make Japanese ramen houses sprout in every corner of the key cities of the Philippines. Today, almost all malls in the Philippines have ramen house. This can also be attributed to the increasing disposable income of Filipinos, love to eat culture, and fascination to Japanese culture and tradition.

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