10-YR CHALLENGE: Job-hopping is a new NORM?

Long before the millennials were stereotyped as job-hoppers, labelled as the generation with low patience when it comes to staying longer with their jobs, worry not!. I came from Generation X but I was also once a job-hopper like you. I had thousands of former colleagues in the corporate world who I had worked with in the past 26 years from several companies. They are also now scattered all over, in and out of the country, while some of them found themselves venturing into their own business.

Philippines with the large pool of techies, our country has become a lucrative location for offshore operations of multinational companies around the world. Thus, it has been easier for many to secure both Technical Support and Customer Service jobs.

Gone were the days when job security and loyalty were the top considerations on employment. We are now in social media age also known as the era of game of speed and disruption. Jumping from one company to the other is now an accepted norm by the HR practitioners. There are good number of  books about career and employment; some of the authors are advocating that if you don’t get promoted in 2 years of your employment, it is about time for you to look for another job if your primary consideration is position and salary. Being happy at work despite low paycheck however is another story. 

Jumping from one company to the other is also another way to get a higher salary. Many companies nowadays are open for salary negotiations provided you have necessary skill and right attitude for the job you are vying for. Even if you are aspiring to work abroad, the minimum required work experience  is only two years.  These multinational companies abroad are well-aware of the reason why you are applying for them, they know that you are  looking for a new job for a greener pasture, specially if you are from a 3rd world country.  There are large numbers of Engineers, Seafarers, and Healthcare workers who are renewing their contracts every two years as Overseas Filipino Workers. Many of them if not all are jumping from one companies to the others as well.

The 10-Year Goal is the most challenging stint you may ever achieve in working in the corporate world; seeing yourself working  for a single a company for 10 long years. is not so millenial. This is a very old school attitude towards job tenure. However, there should be a very good reason and extra ordinary motivation on seeing yourself working for a decade on a single company. 🙂 We have to find that motivation within our inner selves,  Once you find it, you can easily decipher and decide of what to expect in the future. 🙂

Most importantly, you must be very ready to face all the challenges in the corporate world including the corporate politics, be ready for everything under the four corners of the building that has become your second home. Read books, this will make you strong and resilient. No storm can devastate you to reach your 10-YR goal. 


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