VISA: Crafting an Itinerary for travel abroad on short notice is not a joke!

Here we are again, we are trying to craft our itineraries for travel abroad. We are planning to leave 23 days from now based on our scheduled trip, yet we do not have our VISA yet. In fact, we are still in the process of completing our requirements. Time and time again, it is always a hurdle for us Filipinos to travel abroad in countries that require VISA to be able to enter their borders.

As of this blogging, we do not have any single requirement yet for us to be able to submit to the embassy we intend to visit. It mus be part of travel journey. 🙂

The list of requirements we need to accomplish and secure next week are the following:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Bank Certificate 
  • Birth Certificate from NSO
  • Certificate Of Employment
  • ITR 2316
  • Travel Itinerary (includes flight No, Hotel address and contact information)

Wish us luck, we are running out of time, but still very optimistic that we will be able to submit our application form 2 weeks before our travel date. This is our 1st time to plan a travel to a country that requires VISA on a short period of one month before the travel date. We had experienced short notice of 90 days  before when we had our Schengen VISA but not as short as this one which is 30 days. 🙂

Philippine Passport is always a challenge to explore the world we dream of visiting, unlike the OECD member countries, they have an easy access to any borders in the world as free as a peregrine falcon. We’ll make it because I do believe that dreams do come true!

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