TRAVEL GUIDE | How to get to Nawawalang Paraiso in Tayabas City, Quezon

Why visit Quezon Province?

Unlike other provinces in CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon), Quezon Province is not yet, at this point, consumed by industrialization. The province still has the rural ambiance, the balance of ecological system is still present. It is not as crowded as the outlying provinces of National Capital Region. Most of all, it is just 2 to 3 hours away from Metro Manila.

Quezon has many attractions to offer but on top of it is the Quezonian’s culinary. It is one of the best in Southern Tagalog Region, there are variety of delicacies uniquely Quezonian. Absolutely, Food Trip is at its best! Nonetheless, the friendliness and hospitality of the people!

Commuting by Bus

  • Go to Jac Liner/Jam Liner/DLTB Bus Station either Araneta Center in Cubao or LRT Buendia in Pasay, Bus Fare to Lucena as of 2019 is P250
  • Take a bus ride to LUCENA – signboard must be LUCENA, advise the driver to drop you off at Jollibee Lucena diversion
  • Right beside Jollibee Lucena Diversion is Jeepney Terminal going to Lucban, advise the driver to drop you off at Nawawalang Paraiso, Jeepney Fare P22 as of 2019

Driving your own Car

Drive all the way to SLEX to Sto Tomas exit. The easiest way is to use google map and wayze You will not surely get lost using these apps. Travelling has been very easy nowadays with the aid of technology


Nawawalang Paraiso
Kamayan sa Palaisdaan
Kamay ni Hesus
Graceland Estates & Country Club
Manasa Farm
Malagunglong Bridge
Pueblo Por La Playa
Cagbalete island
Silangang Nayon
Kwebang Lampas

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL GUIDE | How to get to Nawawalang Paraiso in Tayabas City, Quezon

  1. Mostly 24 hours, there are jeepney coming from Lucban to Lucena route, it passes from Nawalalalang Paraiso. you can also rent tricycle form Nawawalang Paraiso


  2. Is there any time travel cut-off in the place for commuters?Is jeepney routes 24-hrs?


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