REROUTE: Change of Travel Plan

This weekend, we’ve changed our Travel Plan. We decided to postpone our not so well-planned trip to Japan for this month. Where is the  Peso Fare of yesteryears?

We are going to travel to take some holiday vacations, to take some off from our daily routine, definitely not to stress ourselves out completing the required documents just to log our VISA applications on a very short notice, and as the target date of our holiday vacation is approaching, the price of airfare is sky-rocketing as well. This is a NO-NO, we will pursue Japan in the right time.

We ended up crafting our 7-day itinerary for an alternative country. 🙂 We booked our airline tickets way way cheaper than Japan via low cost airline. My goal of riding a Long Distance High Speed Train is still achievable. The alternative country that we are going to visit 11 days from now is one of the few countries in the world with High Speed Rail.

We are minimal to moderate spenders when it comes to international travels. We cannot afford to pay high airfare when we can get it 70% lower, if we planned our travel earlier.

Traveling without breaking bank account is my core belief. I started travelling on a budget, by DIY,  this was the very reason why I made it to travel abroad in the first place; with the generosity and hospitality of others, and as a result, it trimmed down my accommodation costs. Call me a beggar, I call it wise spender. It was me, and this was how I started travelling!

Though I was blessed to have had some free accommodations on my international travels, I did not gate crash, It was all invitations.  If I was welcome, then I was, if not, then I was not!  My traveling style has also changed as time passed by. The taste of adventure also depletes as I age. My traveling style now is more of chill and relax.  I don’t care if I would be in just one spot for a week. I am not in a competition, I am taking a holiday vacation for myself. 🙂

It has been three years already since I traveled out-of-the country. I could not move on as of yet on my ultimate dream travel destination, Europe. It still runs all over my body for 3 years. 🙂 It is about time to explore another Train Travels. My interest to Train Travel is my new source of excitements.

We are going to reroute! 😊

High Speed Train

VISA: Crafting an Itinerary for travel abroad on short notice is not a joke!