TRAVEL GUIDE | When not to travel Do-It-Yourself?

While most of the bloggers advocate and promote budget travel through Do-It-Yourself, I will not If you are travelling with your family. When I say family, it pertains to grandparents, parents, and children. In other words, if you are traveling with your children plus the seasoned citizens. I strongly suggest, take advantage of tour packages from a reputable travel agency.  

Doing it by yourself brings more hassle and a lot of works to do; from booking your own airline tickets to crafting your own itinerary. The worst scenario is the itinerary you yourself created is just a sheet of paper. In the real world of travels, you know nothing about your destinations yet, unless you are on a travel show where you have a production crew, everything is spoon-fed. You just have an idea and your adventurous spirit, you will surely end up leading the trip for your family, and so you need to find each destination by yourself the entire duration of your family trip.

Always take note that you are with your family to enjoy a memorable vacation not to go for a maze. Never compromise your family’s memorable trip. Do not put your family to unending search of where to go which may also lead to annoyance and disappointment of your family.

Yes, you can have a hassle-free family trip if you have a tour package. All activities have program from your arrival to departure. All your family must do is to follow the activities from the itinerary provided by the tour agency. There  are tour guides and tour operators to take care of your family travel. Tour package however is much more expensive, but it is a stress-free travel for your family.

The only thing I don’t like with tour package are the tour guides in some travel destinations are selling all sorts of stuff like the souvenir photographs and souvenir items which are expensive! 🙂 You can refuse to buy!