Do not book a HOSTEL!

Do not book a Hostel if you are traveling as a family. Booking a hostel is the most impractical decision you will ever make when traveling with you family. No doubt! Hostel accommodation is the most cost-effective accommodation but it is not going to work if you are with kids. In hostel, almost everything is common; kitchen/pantry,toilets, and laundry. You will surely be sharing most of the stuff  from toothpaste to comb. It will be very hard for you and your kids to move with this kind of accommodation. 

Hostel is highly recommended for backpackers or if you are traveling with your friends. You will get to meet travelers from all colors and all languages all over the world.

Hostel accommodation is affordable but small. Do not expect for an spacious and roomy feel with an overlooking view of skyscrapers or breathtaking views. In some cases, the window is even artificial.

We, ourselves, tried Hostel accommodation and it was amazingly way way cheaper than a regular 3 to 4 star hotel. If you want to have a big saving on accommodation. Hostel accommodation is waiting for you!

If you are visiting Taipei and you want an affordable hostel accommodation, we would like to recommend Neosoho Hostel, it has 5 star ratings from Agoda. In addition, the hostel’s location is just 3 mins. away from Taipei Main Station. 

From our personal experience, if we are going to go back to Taipei in the future, we may book the same hostel – Neosoho.

I will surely go back! I’ve missed the toilet. 🙂