What are the 10 easiest investments in the Philippines

The term “easy” does mean easy to liquidate or convert to cash. 

1. STOCKS – High Returns, Easy to liquidate but highly volatile.  If you want to learn Stock Market Investing you can visit COL FINANCIAL . You can also attend free seminars directly from their offices nationwide.

2. GOVERNMENT BONDS – Interest rate is way above time deposits however with maturity period. If you want to invest in Government Bonds, you can visit the website of commercial banks or visit commercial banks near you and ask them if they are offering Government Bonds.

3. PAG-IBIG FUND 1 & 2 – High dividend rates, also with maturity period of 20 years and 5 years respectively for us to withdraw all the contributions. If you are employed, PAG-IBIG monthly contribution is part of the mandatory deduction from your payroll. If you want of find out your total contributions, you may request it online by sending email to contactus@pagibigfund.gov.ph or you may visit the nearest PAG-IBIG satellite offices in your area.

4. MUTUAL FUNDS – above Time Deposit yield, however with Fund Management Fees and Maturity Period as well. It is also Highly Volatile. If you are interested investing in Mutual Funds, you may visit commercial banks near you. You can also join online if you already have an existing online bank account or COL Financial Account.

5. SSS/GSIS – Primarily works as Retirement Fund when we reach retirement age of either 60 or 65, nonetheless there are also other benefits associated with it like Sickness, Maternity, and Funeral. If you are formally employed either from Private Companies or Government Institutions, SSS and GSIS are mandatory deductions, your monthly deductions is dependent on your salary or income. Non-Formally employed can also be a member as “Voluntary”.

6. REAL ESTATE – very high return but a bit challenging  to liquidate as it requires piling up legal documentations to sell or dispose for CASH. Make sure to seek legal advise prior to buying and selling real estate. 

7. APARTMENTS – Popularly known as a “GREAT” investment if we have overflowing cashflow.  In other words, we have funds more than what we need in the next 10 to 20 years. An investment that can be passed down from generation to generation.

8.FINANCIAL EDUCATION -it makes us Financially FREE, it protects our wealth

9. EDUCATION AND SKILLS – IT gives us livelihood. It can give us high paying job to increase our cash flow locally and abroad. SKILLS can also make us a good BUSINESSMEN. 

10: HEALTH – WE cannot execute all of the above if we have POOR HEALTH CONDITION 


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