Is buying a house or condo a good investment?

I haven’t heard someone who never ever dreamt of owning a house or condo. I myself was able to acquire a small house and lot back in 1998 in Cavite and sold it in 2017.

Buying a house is the biggest financial decision we’ll ever make in life. Regardless if we are acquiring a house in cold cash from our life long savings or through bank financing; we are talking about a huge amount of money. Considering the whopping valuation of properties nowadays, buying a house or condominium unit is definitely a major decision of a lifetime.

From my parent’s personal experience who acquired house and lot in 1976 though Bank Financing with terms payable in 10 years, I must say, it was a good investment. We are living in the same house for 43 years now.

Things to consider in acquiring a house or condo unit

  • The amount of house or condo should only be 3 times of Annual Income
  • If mortgage, monthly amortization plus association & maintenance dues plus hidden charges should only be 30% of your Monthly Income
  • The location of the house should be a place where you see yourself and your family will reside for decades, a place you call home

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