SB19: The rise of PPOP

The Korean-trained P-pop boy band had previously released two songs but their latest release “Alab” is their first official single under their new label, Sony Music Philippines.

The track, produced by Han Tae Soo, sings about finding true love and doing whatever it takes to win that person over.

“Here, we thought of fire as our burning desire, emphasizing that there’s no other way to confess your love but to tell the person directly, and that you shouldn’t waste time,” said the band’s leader, lead vocalist and rapper Sejun.

SB19 is composed of Sejun, Josh (lead rapper and dancer), Stell (vocalist and lead dancer), Ken (main dancer and vocalist), and Justin (vocalist and visual).

The fast-rising boyband debuted in 2018 with the song “Tilaluha,” and soon gained traction with the video release of their choreography-heavy “Go Up” in July 2019.

In November, the group gained international attention when they landed on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart, which “tracks the fastest accelerating artists” weekly. They ended the year on a high when they topped Google Philippines’ list of most searched male personalities in December.

On a personal note, I am actually a silent TITO fan of this group. I have been observing them on social media for 5 months now.  I know that SB19 will soar high  in the coming days.  This group raised the bar of what really a total performer is. This is the real talent that our local entertainment industry is lacking nowadays.  I will not be surprised that one day,  SB19 will be performing on international stage.

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