P10,000 4-Day DIY Budget Travel to Taiwan

Because we love Taiwan, we returned back to Taiwan for the 2nd time around in the same year of 2019. We will actually return back in 2020. We find it cheaper to take some relaxation in Taipei, and probably the cheapest in East Asia on the ranks of city sophistication. Alright, you may argue that Tokyo and Seoul are the best in East Asia. We will get there, we are a big fan of KPOP! For now, let us enjoy the very affordable and relaxing city of F4. Where is Meteor Garden? 

DAY 1: August 29, 2019

  • Departure from NAIA Terminal III to Tayouan International Airport 11:15PM
  • Airfare cost P4000
  • Grab Makati to NAIA Terminal III P200

DAY 2: August 30, 2019

  • We arrived at Tayouan International 1:30 AM, we just stayed at the airport to catch the earliest Express Train from Tayouan International Airport to Taipei Main Station, Train Fare NT150
  • Arrived at Taipei Main Station at 8:AM, we also had our breakfast [Breeze Sandwich and Tea NT79] . We also roamed around the vicinity looking for other options to travel to Keelung City.
  • We decided to head directly to Keelung City via BUS. The Bus Station is situated right beside Taipei Main Station, Bus 1813 , it departs  every 15 mins. Bus Fare is  NT57.
  • Arrived at Keelung City at 10:00 AM, we decided to roam around the city and had our starbucks coffee first as we were discussing where we were going to go next. There were bunch of choices from the Blue Bus Station, each attraction has its corresponding Bus No. The blue bus station is right across Starbucks Keelung.
  • We decided to go to Heping Island, situated in the northernmost of Taiwan. It was summer in Taiwan so beach was a good choice. We took a Blue Bus No. 101 route. Advised the driver that drop us off to Heping Island Station, Bus fare  NT15. At Heping Island Station, be ready for a 5-minute walk to Heping Island Resort, entrance fee NT80.
  • We spent few hours in Heping Island, and then we headed back to Keelung City. We decided to head to Juifen Old town by Bus again. Keelung City to Juifen Old town Bus Faire NT37
  • Overnight in Juifen Old Town at Juifen Hui Ming Home Stay NT799  – overlooking view is stunning for a reasonable price

DAY 3: September 01, 2019

  • Early morning in Juifen Old Town.  After our lunch in Juifen, we headed to Taipei. Roam around Taipei 101. We just enjoyed MRT rides. Basically, chilling in the city. We also checked in at Neosoho Hostel in the afternoon. NT700 [If you are a 1st timer in Taipe, I would highly suggest to take advantage of Hop ON/Hop Off Bus Tour as it goes to Taipei’s Top attractions.] It was our 2nd time for this year so we just made everything a chill. We decided to end our Day 3 at Famous Shilin Night Market.

DAY 4: September 01, 2019

  • We just strolled around the vicinity – Food Trip left and right around the vicinity of Neosoho hotel which is just 2 blocks away from Taipei Main Station. Walking and Biking.
  • Departure from Tayouan International Airport to NAIA Terminal III – 02:35 AM. We just slept in the Ariport. 🙂

 Currency Conversion Rate: NT1 = PHP1.70

Airfare cost P4000
Grab RT P 400
Express Train RT P 510
Bust to Keelung City P 97
Keelung Downtown to Heping Island RT P 50
Heping Island Entrance Fee P 136
Keelung Downtown to Juifen Bus Fare P 63
Smart Card – Train P 500
Total P5756

Neosoho Hostel – P1190
Juifen Hui Ming Home Stay P1358
Total P2548

FOOD – P 2000

FOOD -P2000
TOTAL PHP 10,304