Novel Corona Virus: Should we cancel our Scheduled Trips?

Everyone seems to be scared of the spread of the disease not only in the border of China but also in 24 countries around the globe. The governments of all the countries in the world are taking it seriously and as a result many of the countries issued Travel bans to contain the fast and expansive human-to-human transmission of the deadly ncoV2019 virus.

As of today, the Philippine government issued travel bans to mainland China and its SAR regions; Macau and Hong Kong. It may change as new development comes in from the epicenter of the ncoV2019 virus. Personally, we are a bit skeptical if we are going to push through with our planned trips abroad in the coming months. We have already booked our flights 6 months ago. We will keep on monitoring what are going to transpire in the days and months to come.

What do we know so far about the new Corona virus?

  • 2% Fatality rate, average age of fatality is 55 year old with preexisting medical conditions 
  • The new Corona Virus weakens on hot and humid tropical country like the Philippines 
  • Precautionary measures like frequent washing of hands with alcohol and soap and avoiding crowded events and gathering may prevent us from getting infected 
  • The new Corona Virus has no medication or vaccine as of this moment
  • New Corona Virus disrupts a bunch of scheduled trips around the world