2020: Refacing of Puerto Galera

We have visited Puerto Galera several times since 2004, and it has been changing since then. Surprisingly, our most recent trip to Puerto Galera this 2020 gave us an impression of new look and changing horizon. Is Puerto Galera on its refacing mode?

What have we noticed this 2020 so far?

  • The Ferry Boat no longer docks directly to White Beach, Puerto Galera. The ferry will dock either in Muelle or Balatero Pier. Modern ferries are available like Fastcraft and Ocean Jet. I don’t exactly know if the traditional boat is still available. I’ve heard from the locals that it has already been phased out and replaced by fastcrafts.

As Puerto Galera refacing effort continues, all sorts of fees are increasing as well

  • Environmental Fee at Batangas Port – P50
  • Environmental Mental Fee at Puerto Galera – 120
  • Ferry Fare – P300
  • Hotel and Accommodation rages from P750 to P5000
  • Food Average is P170/meal but can go as high as P1000 a piece of grilled Squid
  • Island-Hopping boat rental ranges from P1500 to P1800 but be aware of the ADD-ON activities which is charged separately but optional