TAIWAN | 7-DAY (Do-IT-Yourself) Itinerary from NORTH to SOUTH of Taiwan (Taipei-Chiayi-Kaoshiung)

If you are planning to explore Taiwan from the North in Taipei all the way to the South in Kaoshiung, we would like to share our 7-day itinerary and expenses exactly as what we had experienced when we visited Taiwan. 

We’ve tried to fit everything in, all the places we have wanted to visit and have initially planned, the were however inevitable minor changes along the way when we were already exploring Taiwan. 😊

Firstly, we’ve planned a North to South adventure in Taiwan to experience High Speed Rail. Taiwan is one of the only 4 countries in East Asia  that has High Speed Train namely China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Bullet Train is not a new thingy for us, but we wanted to experience to be on board via High Speed Rail again, this time in Asia. We’ve found Taiwan on the net as the cheapest alternative to rejuvenate a High Speed Train experience. If there is one in my beloved country, the Philippines, I don’t think I will be excited of the HSR experience. 

Secondly, we wanted to explore the entire country. To get to experience its culture and traditions and how it differs from other Chinese States or Special Administrative Regions.

Lastly, to experience its cold climate, not the freezing point cold but the tolerable one, we may have visited Taiwan during winter but our researched told us that it was not going to have snow in the key cities, a temperature that something we could tolerate. We wanted to explore the country not to be frozen. 😊 Overall, Taiwan gave us an experience that went beyond our expectations.

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