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Aim High and Sweat?

We have been taught to aim high and reach for the stars. We always hear this saying as we grow. It is because we all want to succeed in life. The definition of success may be subjective as it goes along with transcendence.

It is also very true that if we aim high and if we eventually fall, we fall somewhere at the higher level not on the ground level. Aiming high in our career, whatever we choose to be, is always associated with monetary returns. No one would ever sweat in the corporate ladder without financial benefit in mind unless we choose to be in social work and public service where ideally we serve others not asking for any financial returns.

We basically sweat to achieve something or reach our goals. The goals that we ourselves define. I would like to share Robert Kayosaki’s short motivational clip – If you ever say I can’t afford it. He said,“the reason God created nice things is for us to use our brains and figure out how to get it”. He wants Ferrari and he will figure it out how to get it. He chose Ferrari over Toyota. He happened to fall in love with US brand Ferrari. 🙂

Achieving our goals require us to sweat; a good career, long lasting relationships, and personal passions in life. The pursuit in achieving our goals takes hard work and knowledge. Some popular books however also teach us that it is not about what we know but who we know.

The undeniable truth is not everyone can be a corporate warrior. There are number of factors and considerations in stepping up to corporate ladder and I am not going to enumerate those one by one. Our world evolves on various energies that affect how we see things around us. We cannot confine ourselves on a limited definition of Aiming High!

Aiming High along with its associated description is an overused phrase. There is a rocket ship launching pad, we just have to find its location. It is a location where the rockets can reach the moon. 🙂 Have you ever dreamt of walking in the moon?

The day without Facebook

In the advent of internet when most of socialization was  face to face with our warm bodies; the days when we had to communicate and interact with our families and friends miles and miles away by post, telegram, and telephone, the days when life seemed to be very slow but calmer.

With the amazing introduction of Facebook decades ago, it is now popularly known as the No. 1 social media platform, everything has been very fast, communicating to anyone in this world is like the speed of light. Facebook is astonishing and impressive! Isn’t it? Name it, it has it! It has become a platform full of magic!

The magical world of Facebook however has reached to an extent that it consumed me. Yes, it consumed my free time, to a point that it has been part of me big time. It was great at the beginning; I’ve got to find my long-lost friends and relatives, most of all Facebook gave me an unlimited cloud storage of my memories, particularly my travel memories.

Facebook – to hold my neck and occupy my precious time every single day is something that I’ve come to realize to be unproductive. It has gone beyond communicating and interacting, but to an addictive point, the worst scenario was it reached the point when I could no longer live without browsing FB day and night. I just woke up one Sunday that I had to put a halt on it; it has to stop! I deactivated it!

As of this writing, I am now on my 4th day without Facebook. I feel more freedom and consequently more productive. I no longer look for FB app on my mobile phone, I deliberately uninstalled it.  I need to train myself without FB for 3 months. I should get used to live without Facebook, I love the day without Facebook!

I have nothing against Facebook and all other social media platforms, they are all part of our digital world. It is just my personal take, it is only ourselves who can identify which is which is to prioritize in our lives; the things which we believe are more important and of significance.

Deutsche Bahn ICE High Speed Train (Germany-Belgium) 2016

Traveling by High Speed Train is the fastest way to move around Europe. When we had a chance to explore Europe by DIY (Do-IT-Yourself), it looked difficult and a bit scary at first but once you had your first attempt, traveling by train should be as easy as ABC. Europe as a whole has very efficient Train systems.

Germany is known for its High Speed Rail. They have the so called InterCity Express (ICE) which is the high-speed train operated by Deutsche Bahn. These trains operate across and beyond Germany, connecting cities like Berlin, Cologne and Munich. The modern ICE trains are one of the fastest ways to get around in Germany and its surrounding countries like Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Switzerland.

Our very first experience of DB Bahn ICE High Speed Train was when we visited our friend in Belgium. Since we were coming from Norheim, a small but beautiful village in Bad Munster, Germany, we had like our 5 train transfers on our way to Brussels, Belgium. We basically traveled by utilizing all types of German trains, and so the possibility of getting lost was there. It was our first time, Getting LOST was part of our anticipations due to train transfer time intervals which was as short as 3 mins. Speed and Time accuracy were the real name of the game!

How was the train experience?

  • DB ICE High Speed Train by far was the best long distance train experience I had, the series of train transfers were the best train adventures

How many hours did it take to travel from Germany to Brussels, Belgium?

  • Approximately 4 Hours

How much was the train fare from Germany to Belgium?

  • EU 230 Round Trip

How was the stability of Train?

  • German Precision Engineering is at its best, you could put your coffee on the table without spilling over; some were drinking beers inside the trains ,while others were working with their laptops..
  • Very minimal noise inside the train

What is the speed of German DB High Speed Train?

  • Average speed of 320 kmh

What is the distance from Bad Kreuznach, Germant to Brussels, Belgium?

  • 354.5 kms

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